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Kubernetes node no internal IP problem


The Kubernetes was not able to work perfectly after being deployed with the RKE tool. it has no internal IP showing when performed Some pods were running but no pod IP, some pods kept restarting, like CoreDNS, Nginx-ingress-controller and few logs were printed out. At first, I thought there might be something wrong in the …

MySQL CronJob backup file


You might guess from the article title, we launched MySQL in the Kubernetes. Although some people DO NOT suggest run MySQL in the Kubernetes instead of run as a standalone because of IO, performance, and reliability, we still run it as Statefulset in the Kubernetes. it looks good right now and hasn’t encountered any problems. …

GitLab CI for Web

gitlab cicd 1

This is web auto compile and build Gitlab CI, when CI is launched, this CI will pick up “web” GitLab runner and perform build static file, build docker image and deploy docker image to dev environment. The runner is using shell as its executor.

Configure Containerd Private Repository


As Kubernetes is deprecating docker as container runtime after version 1.20, we decided to choose Containerd as our Kubernetes runtime. Our Kubernetes cluster is running on the Aliyun Cloud, with 3 master nodes and 6 worker nodes. This post documented how to configure a private repository in Containerd. compared with Docker, I feel that client …

Build your customized maven in Arm architecture



A new project is launched and this project will deploy on the arm64 architecture server, which is not the same as the x86 platform. luckily, our product is written by java, which is a cross-platform language. what we need to do is build java in the ARM environment. 

Add Second Kubernetes Cluster to ArgoCD


We have learned how to install ArgoCD in previous post, which it can deploy deployment resources within kubernetes. If we want to deploy applicatons to other kubertes, how do we do it? you will learn it in this post. Install kubecm to manage config Kubecm is a free software tool that can manage multiple kubernetes …

Install ArgoCD on the Kubernetes


This post will guide you how to install ArgoCD on the kubernetes, along with ingress access and intergrate with third parth authorization. What is ArgoCD Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. Install Configure HTTP/HTTPS ingress for UI Replace the value of host to a new value. apply the HTTP yaml …

CI/CD with Jenkins – Part 9: deploy frontend page with pipeline


Deploy frontend page This is the last tutorial of CI/CD with Jenkins, we have built, delivered and deployed the backend project with Jenkins. we will build and delivered frontend with pipeline. install plugin configure nodeJS create new pipeline task scroll down to pipeline section, we use pipeline script this time, script is shown as below. …

CI/CD with Jenkins – Part 8: deploy docker images


deploy images to server Install ‘Publish Over SSH’ plugin Copy ssh key to server Configure publish Over SSH Create jenkins_folder and upload shell script on production server shell script Add string patameter ‘port environment’ check docker image on production server build task check deployment status

CI/CD with Jenkins – Part 7: Configure Docker with Jenkins Pipeline

In the previous article, we have successfully configured SonarQube with Jenkins and Jenkins can pull code from Gitlab, build the project automatically through Jenkinsfile. In this post, we will configure Docker with Jenkins. Build the project with Maven Updating the Jenkins file, we added two more stages, one is for building command project, another is …