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Kubernetes node no internal IP problem

The Kubernetes was not able to work perfectly after being deployed with the RKE tool. it has no internal IP showing when performed

kubectl get node -o wide -A

Some pods were running but no pod IP, some pods kept restarting, like CoreDNS, Nginx-ingress-controller and few logs were printed out.

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At first, I thought there might be something wrong in the RKE configuration file – Cluster.yaml, but after checking again and again, everything seems to be perfect, and performed new installing, it still got the same result.

Checked the API-Server log, the message showed that it was no internal IP rather than a display error.

apiserver received an error that is not an metav1.Status: &node.NoMatchError{addresses:[]v1.NodeAddress(nil)}

So I continue to dig Kubelet log, then I found some useful information.

Container runtime network not ready: NetworkReady=false reason:NetworkPluginNotReady message:docker: network plugin is not ready: cni config uninitialized

failed to get node "master01" when trying to set owner ref to the node lease: nodes "master01" not found

Failed to set some node status fields: can't get ip address of node master01. error: no default routes found in "/proc/net/route" or "/proc/net/ipv6_route"

The above message indicates “no default Routers found in /proc/net/route or “/proc/net/ipv6_route”, after checking the default router on the OS, No default route, indeed!

meanwhile, I checked the network interface configuration file, Gateway missing.

I’m quite sure this was caused by no default route, the root cause was a network configuration.

Finally, I updated the configuration file and restart the network, the Kubernetes started working and all pods run properly.

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