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Build Nacos-peer-finder-plugin for ARM64 architecture


In the previous article, we have learnt how to install Nacos on the single node of the Kubernetes environment, which was an x86 platform. but with the architecture and ecosystem of ARM is getting better now, deploying applications on the arm64 environment is becoming popular. When deploying Nacos on the arm64 server, I didn’t find …

GitLab CI for Web

gitlab cicd 1

This is web auto compile and build Gitlab CI, when CI is launched, this CI will pick up “web” GitLab runner and perform build static file, build docker image and deploy docker image to dev environment. The runner is using shell as its executor.

Build your customized maven in Arm architecture



A new project is launched and this project will deploy on the arm64 architecture server, which is not the same as the x86 platform. luckily, our product is written by java, which is a cross-platform language. what we need to do is build java in the ARM environment. 

CI/CD with Jenkins – Part 8: deploy docker images


deploy images to server Install ‘Publish Over SSH’ plugin Copy ssh key to server Configure publish Over SSH Create jenkins_folder and upload shell script on production server shell script Add string patameter ‘port environment’ check docker image on production server build task check deployment status

Deploy multiple vhost websites in Docker

Suyog Nepal ask a question in the Facebook group, here is the question: I have multiple websites running via virtual host I want to deploy using the same websites via docker is it possible. I’m very happy to help them to solve the question, so I write down this article. I created two vhost websites …

CI/CD with Jenkins – Part 3: Install and Configure SonarQube

What is SonarQube SonarQube formerly known as Sonar, is an open source tool suit to measure and analyze to quality of source code. It is written by Java but is able to analyze code in 20 different programming languages. With SonarQube, developers can easily to check to ensure quality, reliability and maintainability over life-span of …

CI/CD with Jenkins – Part 1: Install and Configure Jenkins

Setup a continuous integration process to build and test a Java web app with Jenkins Jenkins is an open-source self-hosted automation server. It is very popular amongst the DevOps engineers for implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery in the software development life cycle. Jenkins is written in Java and provides out of the box support …

Install MySQL with Docker

I often need to install a certain version of MySQL to run some experiments or to test other software but need database support. In this article, I will look into how to install a MySQL server with Docker and some basic commands. This article is designed to get a test instance quickly and easily, please …

Cannot delete Docker images

I got a wired issue that docker image cannot be deleted fully, even restart doesn’t help. the docker version is 17.12 when pulling image again from Docker Hub and delete image, it prompts conflct error again. this could be related to Docker image folder or another folder. so enter /var/lib/docker/images/ delete the folder starting with …

Set up VPN server with Docker in 5 mins on Azure

In this post, I’ll set up and run a temporary VPN server using docker on Azure, it’s an L2TP type VPN, I’m not gonna recommend using this type VPN for your production environment or at work as it is unsafe. Environment: CentOS: 7.5 x64Docker: 19.03.5 Install Docker Set up the repository Start docker & Check …