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GitLab CI for Web

gitlab cicd 1

This is web auto compile and build Gitlab CI, when CI is launched, this CI will pick up “web” GitLab runner and perform build static file, build docker image and deploy docker image to dev environment. The runner is using shell as its executor.

Configure Containerd Private Repository


As Kubernetes is deprecating docker as container runtime after version 1.20, we decided to choose Containerd as our Kubernetes runtime. Our Kubernetes cluster is running on the Aliyun Cloud, with 3 master nodes and 6 worker nodes. This post documented how to configure a private repository in Containerd. compared with Docker, I feel that client …

Add Second Kubernetes Cluster to ArgoCD


We have learned how to install ArgoCD in previous post, which it can deploy deployment resources within kubernetes. If we want to deploy applicatons to other kubertes, how do we do it? you will learn it in this post. Install kubecm to manage config Kubecm is a free software tool that can manage multiple kubernetes …

Install ArgoCD on the Kubernetes


This post will guide you how to install ArgoCD on the kubernetes, along with ingress access and intergrate with third parth authorization. What is ArgoCD Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. Install Configure HTTP/HTTPS ingress for UI Replace the value of host to a new value. apply the HTTP yaml …

Learn Kubernetes in 5 mins every day

As I’m learning Kubernetes at the moment, the best way to learn and practice is to write down as the articles so I can review it in the future. the ‘learn Kubernetes in 5 mins every day is focus on Kubernetes concepts and administration. We start with a series of lectures on various topics in …