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Learn Kubernetes in 5 mins every day

As I’m learning Kubernetes at the moment, the best way to learn and practice is to write down as the articles so I can review it in the future. the ‘learn Kubernetes in 5 mins every day is focus on Kubernetes concepts and administration.

We start with a series of lectures on various topics in Kubernetes, and after each topic, there are some quizzes, questions that test your knowledge. it will help you practice what you learned on a real live environment.

This series focuses on getting Kubernetes Administrator Certification. so having a basic understanding of some of the concepts or Docker will help. If you are an absolute beginner I highly recommend taking some concepts or hands-on lab for beginners.

You can access with your GitHub or Docker account for practice, the instances will be deleted after 3 hours, please don’t save any personal information or highly sensitive data on the lab environment.

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